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Utilizing the most advanced artificial intelligence, our tool is designed to help truckers easily calculate the estimated cost of a trip, including fuel, tolls, and lodging expenses. With voice activated inputs, you'll be able to see the total cost of your trip and price your routes to your customer more efficiently and profitably.


To use our calculator, simply build your profile with the following information:

  • Your vehicle's vin #
  • Your login information.
  • Your fixed daily budget and monthly expenses

What we do

Once you've entered this information and spoken “Point A to Point B” into the app, you will get a total cost analysis almost instantly. This includes: The distance of your trip (in miles) and approximate time it will take plus:
  • The cost of fuel per gallon
  • Tolls you can expect to pay along the route
  • The cost of lodging for each night of the trip
  • Fixed costs related to the trip
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    Real Time Fuel Cost

    Accurate fuel costs provided via real-time nation-wide cost lookup.

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    Toll Costs

    Tolls automatically figured in whether you're driving a Harley Davidson or a Peterbuilt.

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    IFTA Calculations

    IFTA Tax automatically calculated for every route.

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    Optimized Routing

    Easily speak route destination and let the app do the rest!

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    Unlimited Vehicles

    There's no limit to the amount of vehicles you can have.

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    VIN Lookup

    Enter your VIN and the application will do the rest.

Why Choose Us

At Lane Hero, we love Truckers. So much so that everything we do is focused on the needs of the Heroes of the Road. We are dedicated to providing drivers with the support and resources they need to succeed. So we built a tool specific to all our heroes behind the windshield and the wheel.

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While you are out on the road you spend a lot of time away from your families supporting EVERY American family with your service. At Lane Hero we are here to serve you. Our driver-centric approach empowers drivers with the tools and info the guys in the boardrooms in suits have.

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